samedi 11 février 2017

My"Gossip Girl"obsession

Hello everyone, first of all, I would like to mention that the theme that we have to talk about interested me a lot. I’m the kind of person who is obsessed by all kinds of series. I have watched many famous series like pretty little liars, 90210, Teen wolf , vampire diaries…  But my favourite was « Gossip Girl ». I liked it to the point that I was staying up all night watching it. There was so much suspense that i couldn’t stop watching. And sometimes, i promised myself that it would be the last episode and that I would go to bed as soon as the episode ends but it was out of me so I kept watching until I fell asleep.

 The serie is talking about an anonymous website that texts scoops, that diffuses secrets that people didn’t like to share were revealed  and which has created many problems and complications in people’s life.  The main characters are « Blair waldorf » who is interpreted by the actress « Leighton Meester », « Chuck Bass » who is interpreted by the actor « Ed Westwick », « Serena Van der Woodsen » who is interpreted by «  Blake Lively », « Dan Humphrey » who is interpreted by « Penn Badgley » and finally « Nate Archibalt » who is interpreted by « Chace crowford ». These caracters are the priviliged teenager on the Upper east side. 

 Blair is perceived as a very sociable person, especially in her high school were she is considerated as a queen. She feels superior, and she pretended to be the perfection itself . She also has the sense of revenge and she can get whatever she wants but she has also have qualities as being ready to help her friends and staying by their sides, even if it harms other persons. She ‘s in love with the « Bad boy » Chuck Bass whith who she’s going to get married with in the end. Their caracters are very similar, both of them have a very strong personnality that have prevented them to express their feelings the one for the other. Serena is Blair’s best friend. She’s as sociable as her friend and she ‘s also considerate as a queen in her high school. She’s whimsical, one day she’s kind, helpful and nice and the next day she’ll show her superficial side and become the worst plague. She’s in love with Dann who she’s going to marry in the last episode. Dann is a mysterious guy who felt in love with serena since the first day they met. He seems nice and innocent but he has a lot of secrets to hide. Finally there is Nate who is nicknamed «  The golder Boy ». He is very popular with all the girls who would do anything to have him. He’s Chuck’s best friend. The serie is also alimented by characters who are also important and who are part of the entourage of his teenagers. I have more than loved this series, it inspired me too much and allowed me to live in a universe that seemed perfect. You can imagine yourself the skins of the characters also there are six seasons so it's long enough to enjoy. My favorite characters were blair and Chuck, I had a very great admiration for them especially for Blair because I could easily identify with her. I do not say that my personality is like hers but she seems so strong that she became my model. I would advise you all to look at it and identify yourself in one of the characters of the first episode, This will make your series more interesting and cooler to watch.

mercredi 23 novembre 2016


I have a lot of favorite types of music, it depends on my moods, and sometimes I enjoy listening to pop music, sometimes rap and from time to time rock. I am a person who is more than attached to music, and I can’t spend a day without it. I also like classical music, In fact I played the piano during my childhood, and I remember I began to compose songs based on my courses to facilitate my learning, but unfortunately i had to stop because i didn’t have time for it. I have a lot of favorite singers, for example Eminem who is the king of rap And Transmits difficulties through music, fifth harmony who is a girly group whose music is perfect. There is also Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus who have sublime voices. Music is an art that allows man to express himself through the medium of sounds. One of my favorite songs is “I hate you I love you” by Gnash.  It's a rather sad song who’s talking about love, it has a nice meaning, the voices are extraordinary and the melody is so soft that it makes us think about many things. I can also say that I have a musical entourage because I have an uncle in this field, He have very good songs with interesting meaning and different languages.  And finally I love singing and by the way I participated in many school shows. 

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

                       Tangier, my hometown

Hello everyone !  Before talking about my hometown, I think it would be relevant to present myself first.                     
My name is Yasmine chantah, I am fifteen years old and i live in Tangier. I have two brothers and the three of us study in groupe scolaire le detroit.  There are a lot of activities that i love practicing, but my favourite ones are playing basket ball, watching movies and singing.

I’m very proud of my city, tangier. I just love it too much. It’s perceived as a tourist town    that is evolving in all its areas. I am also under the admiration of its climate which is quite mild.  And if you come to tangier, you will absolutely have to visit the old medina and the museum of al kasbah, because it teaches a lot  about the history of tangier, and it is also a pleasure to see the tracks and buildings left by our ancestors.

But if i could change something in this wonderful city, i would diminish the amount of buildings near the coast that hide from us the wonderful view of the sea, and this way , we would be allowed us to admire peacefully the resplendent landscape which our city feeds, and Tangier would be even more lovely and beautiful.