mercredi 23 novembre 2016


I have a lot of favorite types of music, it depends on my moods, and sometimes I enjoy listening to pop music, sometimes rap and from time to time rock. I am a person who is more than attached to music, and I can’t spend a day without it. I also like classical music, In fact I played the piano during my childhood, and I remember I began to compose songs based on my courses to facilitate my learning, but unfortunately i had to stop because i didn’t have time for it. I have a lot of favorite singers, for example Eminem who is the king of rap And Transmits difficulties through music, fifth harmony who is a girly group whose music is perfect. There is also Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus who have sublime voices. Music is an art that allows man to express himself through the medium of sounds. One of my favorite songs is “I hate you I love you” by Gnash.  It's a rather sad song who’s talking about love, it has a nice meaning, the voices are extraordinary and the melody is so soft that it makes us think about many things. I can also say that I have a musical entourage because I have an uncle in this field, He have very good songs with interesting meaning and different languages.  And finally I love singing and by the way I participated in many school shows.