mercredi 28 septembre 2016

                       Tangier, my hometown

Hello everyone !  Before talking about my hometown, I think it would be relevant to present myself first.                     
My name is Yasmine chantah, I am fifteen years old and i live in Tangier. I have two brothers and the three of us study in groupe scolaire le detroit.  There are a lot of activities that i love practicing, but my favourite ones are playing basket ball, watching movies and singing.

I’m very proud of my city, tangier. I just love it too much. It’s perceived as a tourist town    that is evolving in all its areas. I am also under the admiration of its climate which is quite mild.  And if you come to tangier, you will absolutely have to visit the old medina and the museum of al kasbah, because it teaches a lot  about the history of tangier, and it is also a pleasure to see the tracks and buildings left by our ancestors.

But if i could change something in this wonderful city, i would diminish the amount of buildings near the coast that hide from us the wonderful view of the sea, and this way , we would be allowed us to admire peacefully the resplendent landscape which our city feeds, and Tangier would be even more lovely and beautiful.